9 CRM Blogs That We Love

March 4, 2019 | by: Team CRM Scorecard | CRM Trends

Whether you are looking to change your CRM world or simply wish to keep abreast of industry trends, a CRM blog is a great place to start. Fortunately, you will not have to trawl the web looking for them. We have compiled for you a list of the nine most captivating CRM blogs out there, with compelling reasons why you need to follow them. Read on and discover your next gold mine.

1. Beagle Research Group

Author: Dennis Pombriant

If there is one thing that stands out about Beagle, it has to be consistency. Dennis Pombriant constantly churns out insights about prevalent trends in the CRM arena as well as helpful industry analyses. It’s easy to tell from his style of writing that he is a seasoned thought leader.

Among the core objectives of the blog is presenting research output on emerging companies. It does such a good job at this, bringing in the numbers and presenting findings in easy to digest charts. Moreover, by virtue of the research-based approach, Beagle offers timely insights on current trends. As such, it often presents useful tidbits of information to CRM users on all levels.

The author has a knack for storytelling, breaking down even the most complex thoughts into compelling prose. You can tell from the way he writes that he has a solid grip on all things related to CRM. But the articles don’t simply lay out the facts but go deep to make sense of everything.

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2. Kerry Bodine & Co

Authors: Kerry Bodine, occasional contributors

No other blog brings out the value and power of the human aspect in business quite as well as Kerry Bodine & Co. Everything about the blog revolves around exceptional customer experiences and its role in competitive differentiation. It focuses on building a customer-centric approach, and you can see that common theme woven through every facet of the blog.

What many appreciate most about the main author, Kerry Bodine, is her ability to make application of her own expertise in customer management. But what stands out about her manner is that she is persuasive and never seems to overwhelm even the least experienced reader.

One of the key objectives of the blog is to inspire business leaders, and that is precisely what it does. You cannot help but feel inspired and confident after going through the brief, yet well-researched insights the articles present.

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3. IT.Toolbox

Authors: CRM Desk, IT Voices, Technology News Desk and Contributors

You can always count on getting a fresh perspective on virtually any topic any time you read IT.Toolbox. Unlike most other CRM blogs on this list, this one makes great use of numerous authors. Each one brings in a different style of writing and point of view, presenting a variety of thought-provoking topics.

Over the years, the blog has undergone numerous changes to reach the current steady state. Bringing in contributors into the scene made a world of difference. It not only adds a human touch, as all articles previously had “CRM Desk” as the mysterious author, but also has added some spice into the output.

The best thing about this blog is that it is not limited to CRM software but extends further into security matters, trending innovations such as AI and blockchain. That combination makes for interesting reads for anyone with a thirst for information.

In recent times though, the number of articles being published has reduced drastically, but on the bright side, they still make for a great read.

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4. The Epikonic Blog

Author: Thomas Wieberneit

Epikonic creates some of the easiest to follow reads in the history of CRM blogging. They are brief and informative, the narrative is persuasive and the style is unlike anything else out there. And even though the author, Thomas Wieberneit, has been at it for ages, he keeps them coming regularly, each one more interesting than its predecessor.

The illustrations, like the style of writing, are simple and to the point. With its captivating combination of written word and illustration, Epikonic brings even the toughest of concepts to life and makes them understandable.

Though the stream of thought type of writing might be a little different than what the CRM space considers conventional, it works for this blog. The author uses real-life events to drive practical points home in a manner people consider relatable. His insights revolve around the need for great customer experience, a theme that is replicated across most of the articles.

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5. Duct Tape Marketing

Author: John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing brings a worthwhile mix of experience and research to the table. Since its focus is on small businesses, the blog lays out practical solutions to real-life problems that slow down growth and marketing efforts.

What makes it different is that it does not present a lot of content on the technological aspects of CRM. Instead, it focuses on day-to-day challenges that small business operators actually face and need assistance to handle.

It uses a combination of podcasts and articles to offer maximum value and it seems to be doing a great job at it. To keep things interesting and introduce varying perspective, the main author occasionally brings in guests.

This marketing blog pays great attention to customer experience as well as factors that influence relationships with customers. Being full of useful insights, it offers deep reads on every topic. Fortunately, the site’s design allows you to choose the category you will focus on.

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6. Nick Baggot’s CRM and Digital Marketing Blog

Author: Nick Baggot

Nick Baggot excels at something most other blogs in this and other categories only dream of – writing short, captivating copy. Author Nick Baggot sums it up pretty nicely, terming what he does as providing strategic advice to help businesses.

He strives to strike the balance between offering opinion-based insights and useful research input, creating very interesting reads. In most of the articles, he will analyze trends, innovations and approaches objectively, before presenting his opinion from an informed and experienced perspective.

The combination of insights and practical tips gives the articles extra oomph and the much-needed personal touch. Among the most unique things about his style of writing is the way he mixes in essays presenting practical insights into specific challenges.

Most of the content focuses on professional marketers and how they can improve productivity. However, even small business owners can learn a lot from him as the insights he presents are actionable.

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7. CRM Switch

Authors: Steve Chipman, Contributor Daryn Reif and others

If you are looking for a steady stream of CRM insights, then CRM Switch might be the one for you. What makes them stand out in a sea of CRM blogs is their ability to convert practical experience into magnetic content that you cannot help but read.

Its main target audience consists of business people who have adopted CRM tools and are now looking to make the most of it. They make it clear right from the get-go that these tools are far from magical and need effort to ensure they work. Next, they take a step-by-step approach to help the audience understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.

This blog seems to be among the few that use the forum for its real intention – to make conversation, not business. And given the fact that they post several times monthly, there is always plenty to read.

Though Steve Chipman is the main author, Daryn Reif makes regular, insightful contributions that offer a different point of view.

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8. CRM Search

Author: Chuck Schaeffer

Most likely, the first thing you will notice about CRM Search is how deep the content is. It does not just skim over topics but rather goes under the hood to analyze trends and present findings. The blog makes generous use of numbers, graphs and charts to portray an almost academic perspective on things.

Chuck Schaeffer seems to be driven by a passion for what he does, hence his deep analysis on select topics. You can easily tell from the high quality of content that he took his time and is not simply presenting facts off the top of his head.

But even when things get technical, he is always able to maintain that connection with the audience, breaking information down to digestible chunks. At times, the narrative might seem to lack cohesion, but at the end he always brings it neatly together to make his point.

The kind of practical information that is available from this blog is the kind that people pay to get from consultants.

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9. Mike Boysen

Author: Mike Boysen

Mike Boysen has carved out an amazing niche in helping business people get the outcome they desire, without focusing on how to get there. He focuses on building a customer-centric model, a concept that may seem easy but that many businesses fail to master.

Though he might seem blunt, the points he makes are true and realistic. And he will go to great lengths to try and drive it home. Little wonder the blog makes extensive use of illustrations and other visual aids.

The writing style is easy to follow and the thought delivery is logical and clear. In spite of the fact that the articles get deep into the core of issues, they are not too long and thus make for easy reads.

Unfortunately, the posts are few and far between, but on the plus side, each one holds high qualitative value. Mike Boysen is a great resource for business persons at all levels as its scope goes well beyond CRM and into practical business challenges.

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You might have noticed that most of these top CRM blogs that we love have a different take on things and different target audiences. Pick out the one that most suits your business model and draw on the useful insights that can enhance your business performance.