Who should use a CRM?

Everyone. At a company, sales customer service, recruiting and marketing professionals can manage interactions and relationships with clients through a CRM. By having a CRM in place, your business becomes efficient because communication is improved…

What is a CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It's a sales pipeline management software and it has one goal in mind: give any business the power to build game changing relationships. A CRM system offers a simple way to manage contacts, manage…

How can a CRM give me a competitive advantage?

Efficiency in today’s business world is key. Competitors are always seeking ways to gain an advantage by capturing new clients and offering them the services and goods they need in an engaging and insightful way. A CRM system has been a proven…

How does a CRM organize sales?

Once a CRM is in place, there’s just one place to seek out customer contact information, data, sales opportunities and customer service issues. All types of valuable information can be available at any time for those who might need it.

Are CRMs just for sales teams?

A CRM is not just for sales teams. Human resources, accounting to IT can manage their contracts, orders, bills and other types of paperwork. CRM systems can increase sales, improve customer service, company wide communication and more.

Will a CRM grow my sales?

Whether you are just starting out, in the start-up phase, or an established company, a CRM has the potential to improve business processes exponentially.