How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

February 20, 2019 | by: Neville Chamunorwa | CRM Trends

An Introduction to CRM Software

Any organization with a semblance of a sales team is likely familiar with CRM software. CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. In its most basic form, it organizes a company’s interactions with its customers.

CRM software provides real-time actionable insights into customer preferences and needs, which enables businesses to better serve them. With a CRM, you’ll have the ability to send emails, make calls, produce reports, schedule meetings and manage your sales funnel in one central location that you have 24/7 access to via desktop and mobile.

How Much does CRM Software Cost?

The cost of CRM software is most commonly priced per user, per month. This means that in order to calculate the total monthly cost, you need to multiply the base cost of the software by the number of people who will be using it on your team.

It is important to note that free plans and cheaper, basic packages only include the essential functions of CRM software – which can be all a business needs in some cases. The full-feature packages, which cost more, include advanced capabilities for businesses that have more complex requirements.

With a plethora of CRM software solutions on the market today to choose from, this article will be helpful to people who want to learn more about the cost of CRM software and some key points to consider when selecting the most ideal system for their business.

CRM Software by Business Size

SMB CRM Software

It may seem like a challenge for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) with limited budgets to find affordable CRM software that meets their requirements. In addition to the cost factor, more advanced enterprise systems are often too complex for an SMBs more rudimentary needs.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of CRM software solutions that have been developed with SMBs in particular in mind. As a result there are numerous contenders for the title of best CRM for small to medium businesses on the market that companies can choose from.

As the markets expands and competition to attract more SMBs intensifies an increasing number of these CRM systems now include more advanced, enterprise level features such as automated workflows and integrations with various third-party tools.

PipelineDeals CRM

Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $25 per user, per month

Deployment – Cloud Hosted  

PipelineDeals centralizes all pre-and-post sale customer activities from siloed data sources and systems, to single point of entry. With sales focused features, your team can develop a scalable and repeatable process for growing revenue and profitability.  Business decisions can be based on data you trust, not on gut feelings.

To boost productivity, PipelineDeals CRM also integrates with key business tools such as Google, Outlook, Office, Excel, Mailchimp, Zapier, Quickbooks and more.  

PipelineDeals has the highest ease-of-use and adoptablity rate among SMBs. Award-winning customer service and support is included in every plan.

Act! CRM

Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $10 per user, per month

Deployment – Cloud Hosted, On-premise

Act! CRM amalgamates contacts, account history and activities in one central location. It provides users with the ability to take notes, manage leads, send email campaigns and monitor interactions – all within a single interface.

Enterprise CRM Software

There is an abundance of enterprise CRM systems for large corporations, which conventionally come with numerous integrated features. Users have the ability to add more components through app and add-on purchases and may even design new customs features to their exact requirements using developer toolkits.

Enterprise CRM solutions are powerful tools that carry out data analysis and provide managers with detailed intelligence from the large amounts of stored data, allowing them to make informed, strategic decisions. This is critical for large companies that collect volumes of data and require such a vast amount of information to be transformed into proactive customer journeys and interactions.

Oracle CRM On Demand

Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $75 per user, per month

Deployment – Cloud Hosted

Oracle On Demand CRM is an enterprise CRM solution with a broad range of advanced features that help businesses to drive sales, marketing and customer service effectiveness. It offers numerous integration options, and simultaneously focusses on enterprise-level data security. Users can effectively target high-return prospects through automated insights and analysis generated by the software in addition to in-depth overviews of tasks, sales funnels and sales forecasts.

Horizontal and Vertical CRM

Industry-specific CRM Solutions

Although horizontal CRM can be customized to suit a variety of businesses, an increasing number of CRM providers have turned to offering demand-driven solutions for specific vertical markets. Previously, organizations simply had to accept that most systems weren’t going to fully meet their requirements and look into funding the development of certain add-on features using their own resources. Nowadays, it is good practice for companies to thoroughly assess whether to go with a horizontal CRM solution or choose vertical CRM software that is tailor made for their particular industry.


Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $79 per user, per month

Deployment – Cloud hosted

Propertybase is a global cloud-based real estate solution that strategically connects real estate teams and brokerages with their clients, helps agents to efficiently close more deals and drives long-term growth. Propertybase streamlines the closing process through paperless closings, transaction management, integrated forms complete with e-signature functionality as well as brokerage intranet with the back office module.

CRM by Pricing Model

For businesses that place extra emphasis on the price point of a CRM solution, shopping for software can be split by the pricing model. Three examples of these pricing models are:

  •      Free CRM software
  •      Fixed monthly prices
  •      Quote-based prices

Free CRM Software

While there are a multitude of CRM providers that offer a free trial service, only a limited number of them render completely free CRM software solutions. Businesses can utilize the free features until they outgrow them, and then select from one of the more feature-rich paid plans as their requirements increase. Some CRM systems may also be open source platforms, making them customizable to business specific needs through user-created modules or in-house developments teams.


Cost of CRM Software – Free Plan $0 (paid upgrade plans starting at $12 per user, per month are also available)

Deployment – Cloud hosted, open API

Freshsales’ free offering comes complete with many great features for SMB users, helping to manage contacts, leads and sales. It conveniently gives businesses the ability to integrate with complimentary applications such as Mailchimp for email marketing, Zapier for data integration, Freshdesk for help desk and ticketing as well as Google apps. The Freshsales free plan can be used by up to 10 users, which makes it beneficial for small sales teams and an ideal fit for their current business ecosystem.

Hubspot CRM

Cost of CRM Software – Free Plan $0 (paid upgrade plans starting at $50 per month are also available)

Deployment – Cloud Hosted

Hubspot CRM’s free plan supports an unlimited number of users and contacts, allowing businesses to easily organize, monitor and nurture their leads and customers. It provides tools that facilitate carrying out and tracking email marketing software campaigns and can be seamlessly integrated with a selection of marketing automation software systems. Hubspot CRM is a great starting point for start-ups and small to medium businesses that would like test the waters of a free, yet highly functional CRM solution.

Fixed Monthly or Annual Prices

The majority of CRM providers today use fixed monthly or annual prices that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Many different factors need to be taken into consideration to determine an accurate price such as the number of users or contacts and the type of deployment selected. In most cases cloud-based systems are more economical than in-house CRM solutions.

Pipelinedeals CRM

Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $25 per user, per month

Deployment – Cloud Hosted, On-premise

Pipelinedeals is a CRM solution for SMBs that empowers sales teams in a variety of industries. It enables users to easily manage contacts and qualify and track leads in the same cloud-based system. Pipelinedeals presents daily sales funnel snapshots, up-to-date deal status notifications and 3D charts through an intuitive sales dashboard to advance opportunities and win more deals.

Quote Based Prices

CRM systems with quote-based prices have specific packages that require interested parties to contact the vendor and detail their user needs before receiving a tailored price in accordance with the specified features and functionality. This route therefore requires a level of prior experience with CRM software to accurately list the desired components that will bring the best results for your particular business.


Cost of CRM Software – Starting at $25 per user, per month but you need to contact the provider directly for a quote-based price

Deployment – Cloud Hosted, On-premise

SAP CRM is a highly advanced system that uses big data technologies to produce actionable insights from business data. It is a modular solution made up of multiple integrated modules that includes channel management and business communications management in addition to the popular sales, marketing and service modules. SAP CRM provides multi-deployment architecture, which enables cloud-based hosting and on premise installation.

Select the Best CRM Software for Your Business

A variety of factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding which software to invest in for your business. The cost of CRM software depends on your individual business requirements and the process of selecting the right systems should be approached with that critical element in mind. The considerations in this article are not exhaustive but help to shed some light on the different aspects to evaluate when researching CRM software costs that will provide the best ROI for your business in the long-term.

For a more detailed comparison between CRM products learn more from a reliable, unbiased CRM software buyers’ guide created by industry experts.